JacobsLadders Premarket Levels

Jacobs Ladders Premarket trading levels are primary support / resistance price levels that covers trading hours from 4 am – 10 am Eastern. After 10 am, they continue to act as important support/resistance levels through out the trading day. They often gives an entry into the opening move or the entire day’s trend. These levels are provided free of charge for educational purpose.

After 10 pm day trading levels are published, watch PreMarket and Day trading levels together.

A confluence of two major levels from both time frames often yields a highly tradable area

During RTH time, PreMaret levels continues to be strong S/R levels. They are not blind fade major levels during RTH. One should watch for a reaction  to the level before entering the trade. This is one of the biggest uses of PreMarket levels after 10 am

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They are very useful during 7-9 am Eastern time to find an entry into a trade , have the risk out of the trade before market opens.

If you are based in Europe these levels covers your day from morning till new US day time levels are published.

ES YM NQ and CL are the included instruments.  They are published in:

  • Text format
  • ThinkOrSwim study script – so that you can view the levels as lines in your chart

Here are examples premarket levels for June 8 218 Friday on text format and as TOS study chart

TOS Study color codes legend







Click here for instructions on how to use the ThinkOrSwim Study

If you are new to Jacobs Ladders levels, learn how to use this simple system

Jacobs Ladders Product Overview

Ladders Levels and their usage explained

Examples of Jacobs Ladders usage

Follow me on twitter @JacobsLadders , I post several examples each week to illustrate the system usage, typically at end of trading day


JacobsLadders for premarket are programmatically computed price levels  published daily at 4 AM Eastern . They are shared for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. These predicated price levels are not trading recommendations of any kind. They are not trading signals. If you use these levels, you assume all risks associated with trading using these levels. There is no warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the levels produced here.There is substantial risk of loss of capital when trading and/or investing.