How to import JacobsLadders ThinkOrSwim Study

This is a two step process.

First create a study, give it a name and save it. Content of study code does not matter. This is the one time set up

Next, every morning at 10.01 am, you go to subscriber download area, click on the TOS study and copy and paste that day’s study code into your previously saved study.  This you will do each day.

Alternatively, you can also save the downloaded file as JacobsLaddersSTUDY.TS and use the import instead of copy and paste.

Step1: One time Set Up

Here you will create a new study and save it

  • On thinkorswim ES chart click on ‘Studies’ and select ‘Edit Studies…’ from the menu
  • In the lower left, click on ‘New…’

Picture 1

Give the study a name such as “MyJLStudy” in the edit field at the top

picture 2

  • Click ‘OK’ to save it
  • Clock OK again to dismiss the remaining open window
  • Be sure to note down the study you just saved because you will be editing it each day

Step2: Each day at 10.01 when Jacobs Ladders ES study is published

Here you will go to AOC website , copy today’s code and paste it into the study you already saved.

  • Click the TOS study text file on AOC website
  • When the text file shows in the browser window, select all the text and copy to your clip board. You can do it instantly using key board short cuts
    • Control+A ( for selecting all text)
    • Control+C ( copying it to your clip board)
  • Now go to your TOS
  • Go to your ES chart
  • Click studies
  • Select the study you saved in step 1
  • Right click and select ‘Edit Source’

picture 3

  • A new window pops up showing current source code
    • Delete this current code and paste the new code you copied from website
    • You can do this quickly by
      • Control + A to select all code
      • Delete
      • Control+V to paste the new code
    • Press OK to save this study and close all windows except thechart
    • Now the chart should show today’s ES level

Repeat this process each morning.  Though there is an initial learning needed,  it is just 30 seconds process to each morning.