Jacobs Ladders Slack Community


What is Jacobs Ladders Slack Community?

It is a trading community room I created using slack software. The purpose is

  • To provide an interactive learning opportunity  for active day traders who are interested to learn how to trade using my price based level system
  • Discuss trade set ups and share trades.
  • A medium for me to comment on trading opportunity on indices, specifically ES future, on my day trading levels system during regular trading hours  I comment on trader set ups as they develop in real time to the best I can.

Am I issuing buy/sell signals?

No. My comments are for educational purposes only.  The purpose is to provide educational commentaries on how I use the trading system I developed. If you enter a trade based on my comments, you assume all risk on your trade.

What is being discussed there?

Educational comments on how I use my levels for day trading. If you are interested in using my levels to help with your trading, this helps to follow along during RTH  when I am available

My trading system goal is to make 4 ES future points a day.  So I typically point out the set ups as they develop which are candidate trade set up, per prewritten rules, to achieve the goal.

Why did I create the community?

I have been trading alone for a while. I get a lot of question on how to use my levels from my subscribers. Since i provide it for free, I can not provide details education on one to one basis as I am time constrained to do so. A trading community is best place to learn together

It is also more interesting to trade together with other active day traders

What are rules of conduct?

  • Avoid discussion of other trading methods , especially volume profile, moving averages etc Why? I need laser sharp focus on price based trading using the levels I developed. I like to keep things extremely simple. The room is for discussing trade opportunities against my levels and learn how to use them to the best advantage.  Discussing other methods is a distraction. There are already plenty other communities for volume profile or moving average based trading.
  • No political discussion/comments
  • Be courteous to other members
  • Do not promote products or services

IS it Free?

Yes for now.  However it may change and I may charge later a fee with sufficient notice in advance. So you can join with no obligation while it is free.

How do I join the community?

Send an email to Binu Jacob jacobsladderslevels@gmail.com and I will add you to the community.

Where do I get Slack software?

You have three choices.

  • You can use a web based version at slack.com
  • Download the  desktop software
  • Use the slack mobile app.

My community workspace name is jacobsladderstrading.slack.com

By sending a request to join, you acknowledge the rules of  conduct and agree to abide by them. I reserve the right to remove any members who do not abide by the rules

JacobsLadders – Daily Support Resistance Price Levels For Futures Trading Instruments

Jacobs Ladders™.  is day trading system. This system identifies support and resistance for each trading day using a 15 point price level system

See detailed explanation of the Levels system.

There are two Jacobs Ladders products

  • Jacobs Ladders levels for Premarket Trading – Free Susbscription
    • They are published at 4 am ET and valid for use till regular trading hours open at 9.30 ET.
    • They cover future market from Europe Open till US market open
    • This is currently offered free of charge so that traders can learn easily how the system works
    • ES YM NQ and CL are the included instruments.
    • Sign up for free Premarket Levels here. No credit card information required.
  • JacobsLadders levels for Regular Trading Hours – Paid subscription
    • They are published at 10.01 Eastern and valid for use till 3 AM Eastern the following day
    • Available for:
      • Indices – Emini ES, Nasdaq NQ, Dow YM
      • Energies – Crude Oil, Natural Gas
      • Metals – Gold GC, Silver SI, Copper HG
      • Currencies – British Pound 6B, Euro 6E
      • Bonds – ZB
      • Grains – Wheat ZW, Corn ZC
    • These are available only through subscription
    • Sign up for subscription here

Both Products works the same way using a 15 point pivot system.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, most days there are new examples posted on how the system worked  on previous day’s market

Make sure you check out the TOS study where you can load all the JacobsLadders levels for all the instruments we cover. It will look like this. You update the study only on one instrument chart cell or window and it auto applies to all instruments.


If you use Think Or Swim studies for both Premarket and Regular Trading Hours, they will appear side by side like this chart on NQ

When you view the Jacobsladders file contents, make sure the date shown at the top of the table is current. If not, please refresh your browser.

These futures instruments are covered for JacobsLadders for Regular Trading Hours

  • S&P 500 Emini /ES
  • Nasdaq /NQ
  • Dow /YM
  • Gold / GC
  • Silver /SI
  • Copper /HG
  • 30 Year Bonds /ZB
  • Euro /6E
  • British Pound /6B
  • Crude Oil /CL
  • Natural Gas /NG
  • Wheat /ZW
  • SOY /ZS