Weekly Rewind : Performance of Reference Strategy for Week of May 3 2019

Here is the performance results of  JacobsLadders levels for the week ending May 3 2019 on Emini futures.

ES Weekly Results

  • Total number of set ups =25
  • Total number of success =24
  • Trades with minimum +2 win=22
  • Trades that gave Escape Hatches=2
  • Stopped out trades =1
  • Total Number of net handles that ran in favor of the trades ( after reducing handles from stopped trades)=173.5
  • Total handles lost from stopped trades = -5

I also posted how Crude Futures performed showing tics gained from trades though I am not keeping a cumulative total documented for lack of time

Scroll down to bottom of page for definition of trade set up, trading rules applied  and  measurement method.

Chart Legend

The chart uses following legend to track statistics

  • A trade set up is marked in rectangle box
  • Following statement is used to keep track of stats “WSU#28(S)/W15/EH12/S1 0/+120”
  • WSU#28= Means Weekly Set Up Count 28
  • (S)= This trade is a short set up. Long set up is marked as (L)
  • W15= There are 15 win trades for this week so far
  • EH12= So far there are 15 set ups that results in Escape Hatch being triggered
  • S1=There are 1 stop out trade so far this week
  • 0/+120 = This trade made zero handles because it is an escape hatch trade. So far there are 120 handles of favorable moves from win set ups


#ES_F ES Emini Futures

Crude CL Futures

375 tics total price run up from set ups.

ES Emini Futures

CL Crude Oil Futures


ES Emini Futures

CL Crude Oil Futures

ES Emini Futures








CL Crude Oil Futures

Es Emini Futures

CL Crude Oil Futures


Performance measure methodology

See the set ups defined here https://jacobsladderstradinglevels.com/sampletradingstrategy/#samplestrategy

Only very conservative entries are applied. Example ‘Early Levels’ I provide in the community room or levels found to be in in play (provided in the room) by applying correlation with NQ/RTY is not considered

  • Only two attempts at a level
  • Blind entry is cancelled if price already came within 2 handles of the levels and reacted already
  • PreMarket levels that occurs during RTH is not 100% blind entry , a reaction should be observed before entering.
  • The set ups that occurs 8 am EST onward are considered.
  • This model evaluates every set ups though in real life traders should favor entry into the direction of trend to make daily goal.
  • Key benefit of a major level is ability to get an escape hatch if trade does not work in favor. A major level set up is considered success if either (1) a +2 profitable reaction occurs (2) ability to get out of trade if trade is not moving in your favor . Only a very small % of set up result in a stop loss
    Stop is considered a breach of next adjacent level (either from Pre or RTH time frame). Remember stop is subject each individual’s trade model. This stop level is used for my reference strategy and performance tracking. It is also my personal Rule.  For Entries H2/L2 ,  -5  is considered a stop.
  • A 3 tic front of major level is assumed and a +2 success is considered after allowing for front run
  • The Result shows a successful set ups split further as wins and escape hatches
    The stats observes the number of handle moves that occurred in favor of the trades for each set up .
  • The idea is to show the set ups routinely give 20 handles profitable moves week after week, even after accounting for stop losses.
    It is up to the trader to come up with their own trading system ( #of contracts, profit taking model etc)
  • This data is provided as an example learning model using real life data, each trader is responsible for their trades if they follow this reference model.

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