Important Change to JacobsLadders Level System

Starting tomorrow June 11th 2018, the following two changes shall take place on JacobsLadders levels.

PreMarket levels

The levels Higher Low and Lower High will no longer be present.

Regular Trading Hours Levels

The levels Higher Low and Lower High may not be present on some days. The underlying price computation algorithm is changed to remove these levels on days when this level is not likely to be effective.

When these levels appears for a given day and price happen to meet the level, the likelihood of a reaction is now higher than before.

They are still not blind entry level. One must watch for demonstration of support or resistance before attempting a trade against these levels pair.

Demonstration may be a single five minute chart rejection candle. It does not need to display 15 minutes of support or resistance for example.

Here is a retro actively produced example for ES June 8 Friday 2018. This day only Lower High level is available for indices. Higher Low is not present.

Text format:

Notice High Low is left blank












TOS Study example

Sample Strategy Weekly Performance June 4th 2018

This blog series objectively analyzes the performance of the Jacobs Ladders  Sample Trading Strategy on a weekly basis.

First, the disclaimer. By using Jacobs Ladders or the sample educational strategy, you acknowledge the disclaimer

Jacob Ladders Sample Trading Strategy performance for week of June 4th 

Total Tradable Set Ups 21
Successful Set Ups 20
Failed Set Ups 1
Total Handles Run Up from Tradable Set Ups (This is how much trades ended up gaining from entry to nearest Major Level though objective is to gain only 20 handles) 93
ROI Margin Capital Weekly Goal (20 ES handles per contract or equivalent) 10%
Weekly Goal Status Achieved


Note: This result is just from the Indices. If set ups from Crude Futures, 6E, ZB , GC, HG are added, the return would be multiples of this. Crude futures often makes more returns than ES per week. 

Week 6 Cumulative Result

This is the cumulative performance of  Sample Trading Strategy since its introduction on April 30th

Week # 6
Total Tradable Set Ups 147
Successful Set Ups 139
Failed Set Ups 8
Net Draw Up Handles Against Tradable Set Ups 893.5
Cumultaive Weekly Goal return on Margin capital 60%
Weekl Goal Status Achieved

Performance Objective

Performance Objective  is 2% a day, 10% a week. Refer to Strategy definition for details.

System routinely exceeds this goal. Excess returns are ignored for performance tracking .I will still record total handle run up that happened against each set up on this strategy so you can learn how to maximize your profits and form your own trading strategies using this Levels system.

I highly recommend reviewing the daily ES charts below to learn how Sample Strategy Set ups are applied. Having predefined levels , predefined entry set ups makes trading a mechanical process.

Daily Trade Set Up Details – ES Emini Futures

ES Emini Futures  June 4 Monday

Trade Set ups Results

ES Emini Futures June 5 Tuesday

Trade Set Ups Results

ES Emini Futures June  6 Wednesday

Trade Set Up Results

ES Emini Futures June 7 Thursday

Trade Set up results

ES Emini Futures June 8 Friday