Weekly Rewind May 14th: Sample Trading Strategy 10% Goal Met

This blog series objectively analyzes the performance of the Jacobs Ladders  Sample Trading Strategy on a weekly basis.

First, the disclaimer. By using Jacobs Ladders or the sample educational strategy, you acknowledge the disclaimer

May 14th 2018 Weekly Summary – Sample Trading Strategy








Note: This result is just from the Indices. If set ups from Crude Futures, 6E, ZB , GC, HG are added, the return would be multiples of this. Crude futures alone made more than ES return this week. 

Week 3 Cumulative Result

Total Tradable Set Ups 89
Week # since start April 30th 2018 3
Successful Set Ups 82
Failed Set Ups 7
Total Handles Run Up from Tradable Set Ups 483.5
Three Weeks Return on Margin capital 30%
Strategy Goal Achieved

Performance Objective

Performance Objective  is 2% a day, 10% a week. Refer to Strategy definition for details.

System routinely exceeds this goal. Excess returns are ignored for performance tracking .I will still record total handle run up that happened against each set up on this strategy so you can learn how to maximize your profits and form your own trading strategies using this Levels system.

Daily Trade Set Up Details – ES Emini Futures

ES Emini Futures  May 14 Monday


Trade Set ups Results

ES Emini Futures May 15 Tuesday

Trade Set Ups Results

ES Emini Futures May 16 Wednesday

Trade Set Up Results

ES Emini Futures May 17 Thursday


Trade Set up results

ES Emini Futures May 18 Friday

Trade Set Up Results


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